In 2000–2008, it was published in Lviv as a printed periodical dedicated to arts and literature.

Since 2009 the Magazine is being issued in electronic form only.

The Magazine remains an independent edition, i.e. it is not supported financially by influential sponsors.

It is not based on bare enthusiasm. It reflects the need of our authors to express themselves, to create a common context for their quests.

Rich makes its face more distinct giving priority to the literature taken in its socio-cultural contexts. At first sight it seems to be only a notice of intentions, since we restart in a new format, from the scratch. However, after we finish organizing our archives, we are going to publish our work of previous years. Because Rich – a thing – in one of its meanings is also a well-preserved value.

A magazine always represents a rather wide range of existence and creativity.

In different periods the editorial board of the Magazine included such personalities as Bohdan Smoliak, Ihor Melnyk, Viktor Shapoval, Oles Noha, Yaroslav Polishchuk, Oksana Smereka-Malyk, Yuriy Voloshchak, Bohdan Chepurko, Anna Zolotnyuk.

From the very beginning the Editor-in-chief of the Magazine is Nadiya Morykvas.